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About Our Products

All Natural Organic and Unprocessed Poppy Seeds.

We source our products from all over the world to provide you with only the best available and the freshest, organic, and unprocessed papaver somniferum poppy seeds.

Please note that the products that we stock are all natural organic poppy seeds a product, made only by Mother Nature.

There is no action on our part that can change the natural characteristics of a poppy seed. Our only control is to source products that have been grown organically and that are unprocessed.

Comercially grown poppy seeds are not “washed“. There is no such thing as a ”washed“ poppy seed that is commercially available. It is impossible to “wash” poppy seeds in bulk. The small size of a poppy seed makes this process impossible. There is no way to dry such a small product in a commercial size setting. There is no such machine in existence to dry massively harvested poppy seeds that have become wet.  

The quantities that we, as commercial sellers purchase do not allow for “washing”. 

If anyone were to attempt to “wash” poppy seeds on a commercial scale, you would receive seeds that had begun to germinate. This product is an actual seed. When a seed receives moisture, it will begin to sprout given the proper conditions. 

We hope this puts to rest any misconceptions on the way poppy seeds are and are not processed and why there will always be a variance in seeds that are naturally grown.

Product Sourcing

Organic unprocessed poppy seeds

We source and import our own products and only source the highest quality, all natural organic papaver somniferum poppy seeds in the world.

Our customers include wholesale bakeries, cosmetic manufacturers as well as home cooks and DIY cosmetic makers.  We also count quite a few home gardeners in our robust customer base.

Our Poppy Seeds

Organic Papaver Somniferum Poppy Seeds

The seeds we carry meet our high standards or we won’t  carry them.

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